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Moosavi H. ZiaeePoor H. "Prevent of Wrinkling and Rupturing by Using a New Method based on Closed-loop Control of Blank Holder Force in Hydro-Mechanical Deep Drawing Process" 19th Annual Conference on Mechanical Engineering (ISME 2011 )


An numerical investigation on the control of process parameters for the hydromechanical deep drawing with special attention to control of the blank holder force (BHF) is carried out. Sheet material St14 (Draw Quality Steel) of thickness 1 mm was used for this study. The effect of the counter pressure in the hydromechanical deep drawing process is investigated in combination with different constant levels of the BHF. An attempt to improve partial quality by control of the packing effect between the blank and draw die by varying the blank holder force according to the punch force have been explored. For the fracture prediction in this paper the forming limit diagram (FLD) Will be used. The results showed that rupturing and wrinkling controlled by using variable blank holder force based on punch force.

April, 2011


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